R.J’s Coney Island

In 2013 my family and I opened a restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I was responsible for all of the graphical content for the menu’s as well as the logo and signage used inside and outside of the building.

Full MenuObjects_files/RJ%27s%20Menu.pdf
Hash Bash MenuObjects_files/hashbashFINAL.jpg

In 2015 I started designing the uniforms below for the Chicago Yetis Baseball Club.

The league has taken notice and many future projects designing uniforms are on the horizon as a result.

Betrayed Logo ,Book,  & Pin

In 1996 my mom and aunt wrote a book chronicling the struggle women experienced in the aftermath of the silicone breast implant scandal.  I designed the cover for the book and this is the logo which was also used as a symbol, in the form of a 24k gold commemorative pin.